City Central Credit Co-operative Society

City Central is leading Gold Loan service provider in Nagpur. We aim to provide Gold Loan at Highest Value and Lowest Possible Interest Rate. We are a customer oriented company that believes that benefit of the customer is of most important.

Our Vision, Mission and Expertise

Our Vision

Our Vision By providing the access to credit at reasonable rate and unparalleled, City Central aim to becomes the preferred choice of gold loans in Central India.

Our Mission

To become biggest gold-pledged lender in Nagpur by 2023.

Our Expertise

The business is 4 generation old was erstwhile called Ambika Gold Loans. In Feb 2020, we underwent a radical change to meet the needs of new csutomers.


➢ Low interest rate than Mannappuram and Muthoot
➢ 3 Month loan moratorium
➢ Instant transfer – NEFT/RTGS/IMPS
➢ Disbursement within 5 mins
➢ Minimum Documentation
➢ No Processing Fee

Financing Dreams

Ishan kukade, CEO

CEO’s Message: I believe that gold should be kept with people whom you trust. No with a company that is only interested in profit making. We always say customer first and design our Cooperative Society in such a way as to deliver a great customer relationship. So we offer FDs also at higher rate than market. And Gold Loan at lower market rate. Gold Loan should be easy, hassle free and with someone who you can trust, and interest should as low as possible.

Certified Gold Valuer Govt. of India Business Analysis, Marketing Research,  Strategy